About Us

Welcome to Pivot Payments

The journey to Pivot Payments was sparked by the desire to have more women lead in the software and fintech space, with a single goal in mind – to accelerate financial inclusion in Africa, in industries that have sustainable social impact. While the world is moving at a break neck speed to go to the moon, break new boundaries, Africa still struggles to produce enough food to feed its people. While the world is innovating around robotics in medicine, Africa is still grappling with issues like Malaria and high access to basic healthcare. The large beautiful expanse of land is both a blessing and a curse. Something needs to be done, not by one, but by many of us. And thus, Pivot Payments.
Pivot Payments is a Pan-African software and fintech company that builds and customizes digital solutions with an aim of accelerating financial inclusion in Africa. Our brand promise is to provide easy, secure and affordable digital solutions to Africans. We believe in providing everyday solutions to everyday challenges in Africa.