Payments Aggregation

Limited access to financial services especially by the peri-urban and rural dwellers in Africa has held strong the gap between service providers and their clients. We leverage on Mobile Money and Bank Platforms to aggregate payments services to final users through our B2B2C model.
Our scope includes Payment collections and disbursements via Mobile Money, Bank, Wallets and international gateways like VISA and MasterCard. By so doing, we open the bridge between international providers and local consumers.
Our aggregated payments services can be accessed through a single API to enable seamless integration and access to quick, secure and easy payments.
Industries directly served include:
  • Agriculture Value chains (Coffee, Cocoa, Milk, Bananas, Cereals etc).
  • Financial Institutions (Banks, MFIs, MDIs, SACCOs and VSLAs).
  • Education (Universities, Higher learning Schools, Primary schools).
  • Insurance.
  • Health.
  • Manufacturing.
  • e-commerce.

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