Digital Wallet

Accelerating the financial inclusion agenda by powering an affordable robust wallet that serves B2C. By 2018, only 11% of Ugandan adults were banked and used their bank account. While Mobile Phone subscription in Uganda is at 66% as at Q1 2020, the challenge is how to innovatively digitize the un banked and non mobile subscribers to give them access to formal financial services. Sectors that are largely affected with financial exclusion include Agriculture – Coffee, sugar, cocoa and dairy. Manufacturing – steel works, fabrication, processing etc.
Our B2C wallet can be customized to offer end users affordable services in hard to reach financially excluded areas. These range from savings, receiving and making payments, micro investment opportunities to e - commerce.
This leverages on our partnerships with financial and communications services to aggregate payment processing and settlements to our clients.
Use our ‘WAAS’ – wallet as a service - to control cost and extend the reach of our services.